[EM] Using weights to compensate multiple votes (Any feedback ?please !??)

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Tue Aug 24 23:12:42 PDT 2004

Steve Eppley wrote:
> > BTW, I just noticed that (regular) approval is equivalent to
> > Condorcet methods with the stipulation that all voters must
> > consider all candidates to be in one of two equivalent sets
> > (aka dichotomous). This is very similar to a statement in
> > the book "Approval Voting", by Braham or something.
> Steven Brams, I presume.  But it's such an unimportant
> property, since it's laughably unrealistic to assume
> voters' sincere preferences are dichotomous when there
> are more than two candidates.  It's a product of the
> "publish or perish" syndrome, most likely.

Huh?  How do you get that from a simple observation buried inside a

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