[EM] group strategy equilibria

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon Aug 23 18:29:21 PDT 2004

James G-A asked:
> Steve, you wrote:
>> And Myerson-Weber equilibria have been
>> written about many times in this maillist.
> 	Correct me if I'm wrong... These have to do with the 
> probability that a given vote will have such-and-such 
> an effect, times the marginal utility of that effect...
> Am I even close??

Yes, that's part of it, but isn't that true of all 
strategy calculations?  

Even if I had more time, I wouldn't want to attempt to 
explain the M-W eqs without first refreshing my own memory; 
I'd surely mangle it.  Sorry to be so unhelpful, and 
I hope someone else will wade in.


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