[EM] Condorcet in 12 words or less

Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
Wed Aug 18 11:52:27 PDT 2004

Anyone want to take a stab an giving an explanation of Condorcet 
Voting in 12 words or less...?

Had a conversation recently with an IRV supporter who is supporting 
IRV over Condorcet and Approval Voting because IRV can be explained 
in 12 words or less (but has yet to provide that explanation) and he 
apparently believes that Approval Voting and Condorcet Voting cannot 
be. (yes, I'm serious)

I took a stab at Approval Voting:

   Vote for one or more candidates. Elect the candidate with the most votes.

but got 13 words...apparently not good enough.

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