[EM] Re: Kenneth Arrow theory... anyone?

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Fri Nov 21 17:18:02 PST 2003

I would like to thank you all for your help.

I was not sure at all if you could help and if this was Out of Topic or 
not... I feel like this was the one and only valuable place to ask this 
kind of question.

Even if we might never agree on e-voting and I might continue to fight 
any attempt to introduce "too hard to count manually" techniques (that 
are trojan horses to for the way into e-voting)... I will stay on this 
list for some time.

I have a few technical question related to Belgium voting system. Some 
change where introduced that had unexpected(?) side effect going in the 
opposit direction of what the politics stated they wanted. Unfortunately 
all the information I have are in French and explaining the things and 
details in English will take me more time that what I have available.

But I will get back to you... I already feel you want to know. ;-)

Gervase Lam wrote:
> Is this a quote from Amartya Sen?  What observation(s) did he make that 
> connects him with Arrow's Theorem?

I have absolutely no idea!
I quoted the text as read.
I have attach a graphical version of this political paper (only the 
relevant text) that got distributed in many houses in Brussels.

The message of that party (extrem right wing / populist / more likely 
racist) is very clever and hard to debunk(?) since they may have very 
good point and criticisme of the establishment... but of course the 
solutions or absence of solution they provide are VERY DANGEROUS.

Elsewhere on the same page, they say they are opposed to e-voting (as 
organised in Belgium) because it is anti-democratic and such.

This is an absolute dilema for my VERY DEMOCRATIC association 
(http://www.poureva.be | .org) that fight against eVoting. Since they 
somehow reuse our argument, our message to gain a political advantage.

Some of us did not vote this year (vote is mandatory in Belgium), but 
came to the voting location, in order to protest against the system 
(e-voting). This is a very strong message to the politics that was relay 
into all the televisual media. But that was a democratic action.

By not voting (assuming you would vote for any other democratic party), 
you somehow play the game of those party and increase their representation.


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