[EM] [OT] Kenneth Arrow theory... anyone?

Joseph Malkevitch joeyc at cunyvm.cuny.edu
Fri Nov 21 14:44:02 PST 2003

Dear Sampa,

The exact result is that when there are n alternatives there are at most 
2^(n-1) ballots which can form a single-peaked set, and the proof is a 
geometric argument using mathematical induction based on the number of 
ways to draw the single-peaked schedules in an nxn array of lattice 
points. In fact, one can milk the geometry argument for a bit more in 
the way of combinatorial observations, such as how many different 
candidates can be ranked 1st, etc. in a maximal single peaked set. I 
published some expository remarks about this in an article about 
elections that appeared in the volume published by the New York Academy 
of Sciences called Mathematical Vistas.



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