[EM] untraceable receipts

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Thu Nov 13 03:49:01 PST 2003

Alex Small wrote:
> I believe that George Will once proposed eliminating the anonymous ballot.

I don't know if US do respect international treaty...
But they all say the vote should be anonymous for general election (they 
don't talk about local election).

>  The rationale was that if people are voting illegally, it should be
> possible to delete those illegal votes when the crime is discovered.
> Forgive me if I'm mistaken in my recollection.

The legality of a persone comming to vote must be verified on the day of 
the election...

List of valid voter should be produce in advance with a chance for the 
elector to verify them and check if he is present and his dead father is 
not present anymore.

I am not familiar with US way of voting... but this is the way it work 
in Belgium. Remember voting is mendatory in my country.

> It's always interesting how conservatives are convinced that massive
> numbers of illegal immigrants and felons are swarming American voting
> booths.  I've worked at a polling place 3 times now, and I have yet to see
> all that many people of any type showing up.  If there is in fact a steady
> stream of voters crossing the Rio Grande illegally, they sure aren't going
> to my polling place, nor are many other voters.

Remember that with remote e-voting they will be able to vote from the 
internet without having to cross the Rio Grande. ;-)


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