[EM] Secure voting receipts

Richard Moore moore3t1 at cox.net
Wed Nov 26 00:07:01 PST 2003

Interesting paper here: http://www.vreceipt.com/article.pdf
Also being discussed on Slashdot here: 

This method doesn't require false receipts (Forest's scheme). It lets 
you verify that you selected the candidates you think you selected 
before leaving the voting booth, but doesn't give any externally 
verifiable evidence (after you leave) of how you voted. It does allow 
you to use your receipt at a future time to verify that your vote was 
recorded. But if you forget who you voted for, it won't help you 
remember (hopefully your ballot is important enough to you that you 
won't need a reminder).

I wonder if anyone here can find any flaw in this proposal? And is 
there a simpler way to accomplish the same capabilities?

  -- Richard

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