[EM] STV-PR Bill introduced

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 11:10:07 PST 2003

The Scottish Executive today published the Bill it has introduced into the Scottish Parliament to
replace the present First-Past-The-Post voting system with STV-PR (Choice Voting) for Scotland's 32
Councils in time for the next elections due in May 2007.  The Parliament will begin its scrutiny of
the Bill in January and the Bill should be law by the summer of 2004.

The Bill and two related documents are published as PDF files, so I recommend you "Save Target As
.." and read off-line.
You'll find the links on this Scottish Parliament webpage, under "Bills" in the right hand column:

The text of the News Release issued by the Scottish Executive is at:


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