[EM] European Election Law Association

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Wed Nov 5 09:20:04 PST 2003

> Hello everybody,
> I just wanted to let you know that European Election Law Association is
> being formed. During the last week about 80 researchers, mostly leading
> university professors from most of the European countries, have joined.
> EurELA will publish research, organize conferences, etc. It is open not only
> for lawyers, but also for those interested in political, sociological or
> mathematical aspects of elections (although the focus will be on legal
> ones). The purpose of the group is to be able to exchange knowledge and
> ideas and to start doing comparative work. And of course, to publish the
> research in one language, understandable to as many readers as possible.
> If anybody on the list is interested more in detail, feel free to contact me
> at jure.toplak at uni-mb.si and please include a short statement of your work.
> Hope to hear from you,
> Jurij Toplak

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