[EM] Sortition in British Columbia

Peter Maxwell peter.maxwell at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 4 22:56:01 PST 2003

Sortition advocates (there's least one who hangs out here) and 
electoral reform campaigners who don't follow Canadian politics should 
see http://www.citizensassembly.bc.ca/ .  In brief:

> The Citizens’ Assembly was created by the Government of
> British Columbia with the unanimous support of the British Columbia
> Legislature. It is an independent, non-partisan assembly of individuals
> who will meet to examine the province’s electoral system—that
> is, how our votes determine who gets elected to sit in the provincial
> Legislature.  ...
> The Citizens’ Assembly will have 158 members ... The selection process
> got under way in September with a random draw of names ...

Is this the most significant application of sortition for two 
millennia, or only since the fall of Venice?

  -- Peter Maxwell

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