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Apologies if I mentioned this on the list before, I think I only sent it to

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>The other thing one has to consider with this issue is dealing with a
>large number of alternatives. When working with a small number, and
>interface like Rob Brown's works extremely well.
>But, consider what happens when the number of alternatives grows to a
>large number...basically beyond what can be displayed on the screen
>all at once.

This, along with the lack of better tools on the sponsoring site, is why I
used dropdown lists. In my case, the challenge was not an "election", per
se, but to obtain baseball writers' opinions on the "top 15" of 92 teams in
their coverage area (very much like the US sports polls of AP writers,
except I do NOT use their pseudo-Borda vote-tallying process. For this
purpose pairwise comparisons don't make sense either, but as a data
gathering technique it works fine. It is still too cumbersome for Rob's
purposes, but it addresses the "large number of alternatives" problem, and
my voters (really poll-respondents) think it is easy to use. See:
http://sebaseball.rivals.com/drawform.asp?form=664&SID=1048 (and if you have
an opinion, feel free to vote!)

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