[EM] election-methods list move

Rob Lanphier robla at robla.net
Tue Mar 4 21:48:02 PST 2003

Hi everyone,

I think everything is in order now, and the list is officially moved to 
its new location.  The new address for this mailing list is 
"election-methods at electorama.com".  I decided *not* to make the old 
eskimo.com address continue to work because it was administratively 
complicated, and for little benefit.  I plan to make the bounce message 
on that list give information on this new list.

This is now controlled by a new admin interface, which you can access here:

You probably didn't receive your list password because of a slip-up on 
my part (which I can't easily correct).  The good news is that there's 
an option which mails you your password on the form above.  Enter your 
email address in the last text field on the page, and hit "Edit 
Options".  You'll be taken to a page which gives you a button to press 
to get your password, as well as a number of things you can change once 
you have your password.

Yahoo! members may have even more troubles than before (they may not be 
getting this message).  It's a shame, but not much I can do. (Yahoo! 
doesn't exactly make it easy for me to make it easy for their users)

If you run into snags with the new list, please let me know.


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