[EM] Summability

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Jul 28 15:43:16 PDT 2003

Forest said:
>Also, an "expert" giving out bad strategy advice is a dangerous form of
>manipulation that is less likely to succeed if true strategy
>considerations are transparent.

In many ways, the California gubernatorial recall is the result of an
"expert" giving out bad advice.

In the March 2002 GOP gubernatorial primary, Gray Davis ran ads attacking
Riordan (a moderate who could have easily beaten Davis), insinuating that
he isn't sincere about his alleged conservative credentials.  The
California Republicans, being even dumber than your typical Democrat,
obediently voted for Simon (the completely unelectable conservative).

Come November 2002, we voters found ourselves with a choice between a bad
incumbent and a totally unacceptable replacement.  We obviously rejected
the replacement.  Then, come spring, somebody said "The voters should have
a second chance at this" and people turned out in drove to sign petitions,
basically saying "We didn't have a meaningful choice the first time
around, please let us try this again."  Now we're getting a second chance,
with TONS of options to choose from.


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