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I call a rallying method any method that permit
to unit support given to clone-candidates.
AV and STV are typical examples. They allow
loosing voters to rally behind a candidate still

STV only allows comparison between the candidates of a same party running in the same multi-membered constituency. You cannot compare all candidates of the same party because,
to my knowledge, all candidates of the same party do not run
in the same constituency (I do not think their is a limit
for the number of candidates of a party, however it would not be strategically optimal to have more than n+1 candidate I think where n is the number of seats of the constituency, and I think a candidate cannot run in several constituencies
at the same election). So only "some" candidates of the same party run in the same constituency, not all.

You could implement SPPA without virtual districts (I call it SPP). However, either people should accept geographical discrepancies produced by the model (if areas are well known oriented fans, SPP would become a closed list model) or luckily the country/province would have to be very homogenoeous (no ethnic, religious, homosexuals, fishmen,
urban, language groups, or whatever ghettos...). As we actually accept these geography-based discriminations (in the mathematical sense), SPP could be a first step toward SPPA.

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> On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 10:27:40AM -0400, Stephane Rouillon wrote:
> > Dear James,
> > 
> > I try a very succint summary...
> > 
> > SPPA is fully proportional, and it uses a rallying method to cope with
> > vote-splitting issues.
> "Rallying method"?
> > I wanted to be able to put all candidates of a
> > same party in competition in an open list. But other methods let only some run
> > in the same electorate district (STV)
> What do you mean by "let only some run in the same electorate district"?
> > or use huge list of candidates which can
> > discourage the voter (Brazilian method?).  I tried to define equivalent
> > electorates
> > in every districts
> Does this mean that implementing your method would require changing the
> membership of every district?
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