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Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
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At 5:27 PM -0700 7/13/03, Alex Small wrote:
>Eric Gorr said:
>>  Would it be accurate to say that you disagree with Arrow that a
>>  voting system should be monotonic? (IRV is not)
>I don't recall monotonicity being one of the conditions of Arrow's
>Theorem.  Maybe in some more elaborate forms it is, but the most basic
>statement of Arrow's Theorem is that "when there are 3 or more candidates
>no election method can simultaneously satisfy Pareto efficiency,
>independence from irrelevant alternative candidates, and
>Monotonicity is not on that list.

Interesting. In every form of it I've seen, monotonicity has been apart of it.

For example,

What is the source of your information?
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