[EM] Gilmour's Parliamentary Problem:

Donald Davison donald at mich.com
Wed Jul 30 05:37:02 PDT 2003

Gilmour's Parliamentary Problem:

The Gilmour James wrote:                     July 17 2003

"Coalition building has been very difficult to the point of near
impossibility at times."

Donald here:  This is the problem of the Parliamentary form of government
and not a problem of a single area election.

It is time for you parliamentary people to move on and learn to commit
yourselves to an executive government for a peroid of time - in others
words, elect an executive directly by the people separate from the

The Parliamentary form of government is a `Hang On' to the King form of
government in which the king not only made the laws but he also enforces
the laws (and also was the judge).

The three separate branches of government is a better form of government.

Move on.


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