[EM] CR/Approval

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Wed Jul 2 12:56:09 PDT 2003

Here's another method that makes use of CR ballots to enhance Approval:

Each voter rates each candidate on some scale, say zero to 100%.

The ballots are counted in two stages:

In the first stage the approval cutoff for each ballot is a rating of 50%.

In the second stage the approval cutoff on a ballot is the rating of the
first stage winner on that ballot.

In each stage on each ballot each candidate above the cutoff (for that
stage) gets 100% approval, while each candidate below the cutoff gets zero
approval, and each candidate precisely at the cutoff rating gets a
percentage of approval equal to the cutoff rating.

The winner of the second stage is the method winner.

[end of description of method]

The idea is that if you knew the sincere approval winner, you would
probably want to use that candidate as your approval cutoff if you had a
second chance.

The question is should you approve the cutoff candidate C?

This method says that you should give this cutoff candidate C more or less
approval according to how high you rate C.

If you rate C 100%, then you should give C 100% approval.

If you rate C zero, then you should give C no approval.

If you rate C 50%, then you should give C half approval.

In other words, the cutoff candidate gets approval equal to his rating
while all other candidates get full approval or no approval according to
their ballot rating relative to the cutoff.


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