[EM] 1-Person-1-Vote has been abandoned.

Eric Gorr ericgorr at cox.net
Wed Jan 15 10:20:03 PST 2003

>Suppose each voter is to mark one candidate and write down one number in
>the space provided on the ballot, and that the winner of the election is
>the candidate marked on the ballot that has the largest number in the
>space provided.

I just just see this turning into a contest of stamina as the obvious 
strategy to use would be to just sit there and write 9s until you're 
the last one standing.

If one is just limited to the space on the ballot, the winner (or 
tie) always goes to the one who had the person with the smallest, 
legible handwriting style. Tools of the trade would be a writing 
utensil with the finest tip, etc. Of course, judging 'legibility' 
would be interesting...perhaps handed over to handwriting recognition 
software designed for this purpose.

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