[EM] Who did you say won?

Tom McIntyre avnow at fgn.net
Mon Feb 24 10:24:30 PST 2003

Eric Gorr wrote:

> At 6:21 AM +0000 2/24/03, MIKE OSSIPOFF wrote:
>> Is that what the mass media said?
> I am not aware of any independent study which claims that Gore would 
> have won regardless of what the Supreme Court did.
Here's an article telling how the same study that showed that "The 
Supreme Court's intervention probably did not affect the outcome of the 
limited recounts then under way", also showed that "more people probably 
cast valid votes for Gore than for Bush".  It goes on to say why you 
didn't hear about that latter part.


Of course, Gore would have won without recounts had it not been for a 
deliberate effort by Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and Republican 
lawmakers to illegally purge tens of thousands of Democrats from the 
Florida voting rolls.  A list of Greg Palast articles providing proof of 
the illegal purging:


This one sums it up pretty well:


An article that sums up other ways voters were disenfranchised in Florida:


And this article hints (but doesn't actually claim) that computerized 
voting machines programmed with a Republican slant may have been in use 
in this Florida election:

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