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At 7:44 AM +0000 2/23/03, MIKE OSSIPOFF wrote:
>By the way, it would help if someone could tell what e-mail addresses
>to write to, to contact the necessary people in Vermont & Maine.

Tom Bell (who wrote the story)

   tbell at pressherald.com

For Maine: (those who are supporting IRV)

   Senbeverly.daggett at state.me.us
   RepJohn.Richardson at legislature.maine.gov
   julie.flynn at state.me.us (Secretary of State's deputy director)

   Maine Citizen Leadership Fund - Arn Pearson
   MCLF at maine.rr.com

For Vermont:

   dmarko at sec.state.vt.us (Deborah L. Markowitz - Secretary of State)

Looks like this story has also run at:


>Does anyone have the address of Bernie Sanders?

Is this who you are looking for:


Why is he important?

>Should we write to
>the state legislatures of those 2 states?
>To certain particular
>state legislators there?

Don't see why not, as long as the messages are kept short, friendly 
and informative.

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