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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 22 23:44:02 PST 2003


You wrote:

http://approvalvoting.com and http://approvalvoting.org are the sites to
look to for lobbying efforts, at least if you favor approval voting. As
for debating the relative merits of various voting systems or proposing
new ones, this (the EM list) is still the place.

I reply:

Sure, but Doug's admonition was appropriate and useful. Since this
is where those more theoretical things are being discussed, then this
is the place to post that admonition. I've been meaning to try to
write to Vermont & Maine, and Doug's reminder is an additional wake-up
call to get on it.

Don't you too often get the feeling that we're fiddling while Rome burns? 
That IRV is going to take over with no effective resistance from
us, because we're debating other things? I'm in no position to talk,
of course, since I'm probably one of those that Doug was speaking to,
because I've been arguing wv vs margins instead of contacting people
in Vermont & Maine. Well, maybe just a few more messages about
wv vs margins first...

But consider the powerful effect if everyone on this list would write
to the places where the IRV promoters are pushing their inadequate
proposal through! IRV wouldn't have a chance.

By the way, it would help if someone could tell what e-mail addresses
to write to, to contact the necessary people in Vermont & Maine.

Does anyone have the address of Bernie Sanders? Should we write to
the state legislatures of those 2 states? To certain particular
state legislators there? It would greatly help if someone would post
here the e-mail addresses to write to. Not knowing those is the
reason why I haven't written yet. I, for one, would write as soon
as I know where to write to.

Mike Ossipoff

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