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>Yes, I can see that.  But I didn't mean my concern in
>the context of the wv/margins dispute.  I think people
>*would* rank unknown candidates, thinking of it as a
>kind of strategy.  The candidates may not literally be
>"unknown," but there could be rather little known
>about even second tier candidates.  As an example,
>perhaps Pat Buchanan could accidentally win.  Most
>people know something about him, but I bet quite a few
>Gore supporters would rank Buchanan above Bush,
>thinking it a possible weapon against Bush, without
>any risk of electing the former.

I don't think we can safely make any such assumptions, and I think we should keep our contest examples apolitical and anonymous (candidate A, B).

>This requires a simultaneous approval and ranked
>ballot, right?  Wouldn't it be a better system at
>least to find the Condorcet winner among candidates
>meeting a defined Approval threshold?  My motivation
>for mixing Condorcet and Approval would be to protect
>against the former's possible flukes.

It requires a ranked ballot with a voter specified approval cutoff.  How would a practical and non-arbitrary Approval threshold be pre-declared?  Would it be set based on number of candidates?  Number of voters?  Neither? 

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