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Here are a couple responses to your last reply. 
There's a lot I didn't specifically reply to, but
that's because I'm lacking comments for it.  I don't
think I can be convinced for PR again, but I'm also
not sure what Canada should do.

> purpose. It is mathematically incoherent to split
> support in favor of a
> party
> (just ideas in the sky) from individual support
> collected by its
> representative
> (the way it will be applied). If you do not make
> sure of maintaining
> mathematical coherence you could end up with major
> surprises. I can
> give two examples with the MMP electoral system that
> allows
> each voters to specify a local candidate AND a
> party.  You could
> (fortunately it is quite improbable) get one party
> winning 90% of local
> seats
> by a small margin over the 10 others, but just a
> 15th of the party votes...
> (Suppose people do not like their program, but are
> confident with the
> candidates personal qualities). With an initial 45 %
> of the chamber
> after the "normal" correction the german law
> actually says the chamber size
> should be multiplied by six and half to get an exact
> proportionality.

Yes, I understand your example.  I don't think MMP is
a very good idea, either, although for probably
different reasons.  It would be better to put SMD and
PR-élus deputies in separate houses.  Maybe it would
be enough to split the legislature into two classes as
in Russia and (I think?) Japan.  Else it doesn't
matter much at all who wins in the districts.

> Independent candidates are free to participate or
> not in parties.
> The goal is to design a system that will as most as
> possible,
> NOT affect their personal election just based on
> this decision.
> Please understand, the fact that they run inside or
> outside a party
> will affect their election, but you should not be
> able to tell in advance if
> it
> would help or harm them...

Well, I imagine that independent candidates would have
a hard time finding funding for their campaigns.  I
don't know what interest groups would be interested in
paying for the campaigns of a single lonely MP. 
Wouldn't such a campaign essentially be competing for
attention with party list campaigning?


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