[EM] Your opinion on being able to vote no preference?

Tom McIntyre avnow at fgn.net
Mon Feb 24 10:48:44 PST 2003

Folks, sorry if this has been discussed, but I'm getting nowhere looking 
for it in the Yahoo archives (if it's in there, please just point me to it).

I know this group is familiar with the concept of allowing voters, under 
condorcet, to vote ties, such as A and B are equal, but both preferred to C:


I know I've seen examples of this.  The alternatives are to enforce 
strict ranking of the candidates the voter chooses to list, or to 
enforce strict ranking of all candidates on the ballot.  I've seen some 
discussion of the relative pros and cons on the condorcet.org site 
("inc.html"), but I'd like to know if there's consensus here on which of 
these alternatives would be better in actual practice.

As I stated before, if it's already been discussed, please just point me 
to the postings.

Thank you,
Tom McIntyre

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