[EM] The interactive BeatpathWinner & RP count website

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 1 23:42:43 PST 2003

Eric Gore's interactive count programs for Ranked-Pairs &
BeatpathWinner, at http://www.ericgorr.net/condorcet/index.php
are the only such programs that I've heard of that take rankings
as input, and which measure defeats by winning-votes, the defeat
measure that protects majority rule and minimizes defensive strategy
need, as measured by the criteria at the websites listed below.

Right now is an exciting epoch in voting system websites:
The Americans for Approval Voting and Citizens for Approval Voting
organizations have just been launched, and now we have a website that
interactively counts Ranked-Pairs and BeatpathWinner, taking
rankings as input, and using winning-votes.

The Approval organization websites are:




One is an educational organization, and the other will be an
organization to work for enactment of Approval.

The websites with voting system criteria that I referred to above are:

   (at the technical evaluation page)


   (at the defensive strategy criteria page)

Mike Ossipoff

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