[EM] Floyd algorithm? - peace

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Thu Dec 18 13:36:02 PST 2003

Ernest Prabhakar wrote:

> Can we chill? We're all Condorcet-lovers, after all.   Mike probably 
> used the term Floyd inappropriately.   Markus probably cited a poor 
> example.   Everybody makes mistakes.    No injury, no foul.

I love flame war... especially those where I don't understand a word.

> I suspect that we're really experiencing a clash of cultures.  Markus 
> appears to be operating from a math/compsci perspective, where terms 
> mean something different than they do in Mike.  As a physicist, I'm used 
> to abusing mathematical terminology, so I can appreciate the dilemma. :-)

Where is Mike comming from then?

> I suspect part of the problem is that the term 'shortest path'  in the 
> Flloyd algorithm is used for finding what Mike calls a BeatPath.   The 
> comparison of such paths to find the strongest beatpath is actually 
> after the Flloyd algorithm.

Because I was not aware of the Flloyd algorithm...

I would like to learn something here.

I know a few 'shortest path' algorithm like "Dijkstra" and 
"Bellman-Ford". Dijkstra is having an 0(n*Log(n)) complexity (in time) 
and for the other... I don't remember but it is a more distributed 

Now sometime Markus talk about "strongest path" wich might be something 
completely different.

So for me all this discussion was completely confusing, and I would love 
some explanation...

But I think I have to aggree with Markus... 0(N^3) is better than 0(N^5).


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