[EM] Automated CR Strategy

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Mon Dec 8 16:01:03 PST 2003

It seems to me that you are saying (as Kevin has deciphered) that you
don't like randomness in election methods.

But interesting large scale public elections always have uncertainty
associated with them both before and after the counting, no matter the

Most election methods externalize the uncertainties, and their advocates
spend little effort (if any) considering how voters are supposed to cope
with the uncertainties.

Approval also externalizes the uncertainties, but Approval advocates
recognize (per force) that Approval voters must cope with them in order to
maximize their voting power.

I suspect this aspect of Approval voting is what makes you uncomfortable.

Also I notice that you are more comfortable with concrete details than
with abstract generalities.  You would rather see things up close than see
the distant view, if I am not mistaken.

You share this cognitive preference with many others, and that is fine.
But I like to try to establish an over view of the big picture before
diving into the details.

You remind me of a very intelligent student I once had in a multivariate
calculus class who had trouble communicating his solution processes
because of a type of autism that he had been diagnosed with as a child.

He was extremely impatient with general explanations, but give him a
couple of detailed examples, and he was off and running.

I'm not saying that you have autism, but your communications have an eerie
similarity to those of that student.

You may have something much more valuable to say than I do.  I wish you
much success in communicating it.


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