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Sun Dec 21 22:59:03 PST 2003


Matt said:

It is the python code towards the bottom of http://www.electionmethods.org/
It says "Mike Ossipoff provided the algorithm, and Russ Paielli programmed 
It also says:  "Determine "beatpath" magnitudes array using the Floyd 
Algorithm:" which prompted Markus to point out that it wasn't the O(N^3) 
Floyd Algorithm as coded but a less efficient O(N^5) algorithm.

I reply:

No, I'd have never objected to that. As soon as Markus said it wasn't the 
Floyd algorithm I said "Fine. I'll tell Russ to delete that name from the 

What I disagreed with in Markus's posting was his statement that our 
algorithm doesn't work.

Matt continued, using the terminology of his subculture,:

Mike then went into a hissy fit.

I reply:

I stated that, contrary to what Markus posted,  our algothm works.

I immediately said that I took Markus's word for it that our algotithm isn't 
the Floyd algorithm.

No fit. Did I eventually become exasperated with Markus's repetition that I 
call Steve's algorithm the Floyd algorithm? Yes.

Mike Ossipoff

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