Anthony's spelling issue

Sat Mar 30 22:41:45 PST 2002

Anthony said:

Actually, I don't no how the beetles spelt it. I just rote
down watt I've herd on the recording.

I reply:

Maybe your intentional mis-spellings are intended to make it
look as if your unintentional ones were intentional. If they're
intended to be funny, I'd say that the funniness of that game
was questionable at its outset, but certainly any funniness that
it initially had has worn off long before now.

Anthony continues:

The miss-spellings are
mine. Perhaps you mist the point. You are arguing with a

I reply:

If there's a point to your postings, I indeed must have missed it,
but it's hardly news to me that I've been replying to a joke. That
was evident a long time ago.

Anthony continues:

Buy the weigh, in explaining what was so amusing -- "mis-
spellings weren't inentional" -- you had two misspellings.

I reply:

"Mis-spelling" isn't incorrect. Choices involving hyphens aren't
spelling issues, though maybe they're style issues.

The hyphen makes sense for clarity in that word. Also,
I often use hyphens in other situations where not everyone does,
because it clarifies that the 2 words joined by the hyphen are
being used to make what amounts to a different word. You could also
say that there's a style convention that says that I shouldn't
capitalize the names of voting systems & criteria. But doing so
adds clarity by identifying them as names.

As for leaving the 1st "t" out of "unintentional", that's different
from your mis-spelling of hilarious, absurdum, & nauseam. The difference
is that you believed your spelling of those words, while
it's obvious that the missing "t" in "unintentional" was a typo,
not a true spelling error.

Quite aside from that, I said twice that I of course make spelling
errors, as do most people. As I said before, what made your spelling
errors so funny was their context. It's entertaining when someone
who finds the discussion hilarious can't spell it, and when someone
tries to be authoritative about reductio ad absurdum, but can't spell

Anthony continues:

And I sea you've replied yet again to my posting of too weaks

I reply:

Actually no, that was the 1st time that I'd replied to that message.

As I said in my message, I wasn't going to reply (hence the delay),
but then it occurred to me that someone might believe the
version of things that you presented.

Anthony continues:

Time to listen to Mother Mery's werds of wisdum

"Let it be."

I reply:

Does that mean that you're going to let it be, or are you just one of
those asses who quote wisdom that they don't abide by?
Oh that's right, you're joking. And of course that's true of all these
postings of yours. If you want to waste space in the archives and
in members' mailboxes in that way, no one will prevent you.

Mike Ossipoff

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