[EM] Anthony's spelling issue

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:44:05 PST 2002

I wasn't going to say any more about this, because it isn't the
topic for which I joined this mailing list, but since Anthony
continues about it, I should comment.

Anthony, if Lennon or McKartney (sp?) actually wrote that, spelled
in that way, then are you aware that they mis-spelled it intentionally?
That, you see, is the difference. Your mis-spellings weren't inentional.
That, along with the context in which they occurred, is what made
them so hilarious.

As I said, I don't criticize mis-spellings in general, and no doubt
I sometimes mis-spell words, but it was the context in which your
mis-spellings occurred that made them so entertaining.

You volunteered to write a summary of Approval arguments. You're
going to use a dictionary, right? We don't want it to look like something 
written by Dan Quayle.

Someone said that your mother is an English professor. Well, they
say that the cobbler's children often are unshod.

Anthony said:

>> > "When I find myself in times of troubel,
>> > Mother Mery comes to me
>> > Speecking werds of wisdum
>> > Let it be
>> >
>> > -- John Lenin

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