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Thanks for your informative comments on Hilter's rise. I am learning as we go.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the German PR system based on the
PLURALITY of votes received by each party, where the ballot listed the parties
rather than the individual candidates? Perhaps, if that was the case, the
plurality method, once again, is partly to blame. Perhaps we all would be
better off right now if Germany and Italy (Mussolini has been called the first
fascist dictator in Europe, and one of Hitler's inspirations) had used the
Borda Count method in place of the plurality method, to process the votes in
its PR system. You see, the BC can have proportional results under certain
conditions, especially when the electorate is very polarized (as in black/white
racially polarized districts in Chicago Heights, or the deep south). The BC is
semi-proportional, you see, as is the Cumulative Vote, in the sense that it can
give proportional results with certain electoral profiles. Unlike the STV, it
does not necessarily give proportional results, but can do so, depending on the
electoral profile. Do you know what I mean?


--- DEMOREP1 at aol.com wrote:
> Plurality regimes having single member districts are ALL ANTI-Democracy 
> regimes (and unstable) --- a plurality of the votes in a bare majority of the
> districts means circa 25-30 percent indirect minority rule.

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