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Thu Mar 28 11:31:55 PST 2002

SB wrote in part-

First, I thank you for the reference to another book on Hitler' rise to power.
I hope to get my hands on it. In the meantime, let me post a little excerpt
from the booklet, the 31st in a series of "Public Policy Pamphlets" published
by the University of Chicago Press, which I referred to in my previous message
D- There are all sorts of ANTI-Democracy Anti- P.R. books, etc. (which keep 
bringing up the FALSE connection of Hitler getting into power and p.r.).

Most, if not all of such books, etc. are intentionally or negligently 
ignorant about *critical*/ *fatal* structures in various constitutions.

The moronic leaderships of the World War I allies in 1919 permitted Germany 
to have a constitution with an appointed Prime Minister (by the German 
President) and a *fatal* section permitting the German government to suspend 
the German Bill of Rights  -- used by Hitler in 1933 to crush anti-nazis --- 
compounded by Hitler's murders of his opponents in June 1934.

Hitler LOST the election for German President in 1932 (defeated by President 

The semi-senile President Hindenburg (then about 80) was brainwashed by some 
behind the scenes type know-it-alls to appoint Hitler in Jan. 1933 to be 
German Prime Minister.

The 1929- 1933 Great Depression that devastated Germany (and much of the 
world) did not help the situation -- circa 30 percent unemployment, many bank 
failures, etc.

Plurality regimes having single member districts are ALL ANTI-Democracy 
regimes (and unstable) --- a plurality of the votes in a bare majority of the 
districts means circa 25-30 percent indirect minority rule.

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