[EM] Fund-raiser for Hager

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Mon Mar 25 22:04:12 PST 2002

I mailed my check.

Alex Small wrote:
> Thus far $445 is pledged.  I think I made a mistake in setting an all-or-
> nothing goal.  I intend to mail my donation to Hager in the next week,
> since I feel it's better to give him all the hope we can, even if it
> doesn't reach the initial goal.  Those who wish to join me can send their
> pledges to
> Paul Hager for Secretary of State 2002
> PO Box 2177
> Evansville 47728-0177
> (check made out to Paul Hager for Secretary of State 2002)
> I've told him of the effort, so I encourage you to include a brief note
> letting him know why you're donating.  I will continue talking to people
> that I know, and once another event is out of the way I will look for other
> sympathetic groups and mailing lists to contact.
> Alex

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