re: [EM] More on Gerrymander prevention

Alex Small asmall at
Thu Mar 21 11:41:31 PST 2002


"Tantalizingly" means "very interestingly, in a manner that makes one want
to know more."  (my definition, not a dictionary).

You wrote in a previous message that you had applied your study of
redistricting to your country.  I thought (and I assume Josh did too) that
you were suggesting that you had in fact actually persuaded the government
to implement your proposed redistricting method.  To hear that somebody on
the list had actually reformed an entire country's redistricting laws would
be very exciting.  Because you didn't actually say that, but it sounded
like that might be the case, it was very "tantalizing", we wanted to know

The ambiguity had nothing to do with your English, of course (I've never
noticed any language errors in your posts, I assume you are very fluent).
The ambiguity was solely from lack of detail.

The fact that you contributed to a case before your country's
Constitutional Court is very interesting, and inspiring to those of us who
want to see election reforms in our own countries.  Even though the truth
is not quite as grand as one might have guessed from the original message,
it's still very impressive.


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