[EM] Possible Material for Pro-AV Pamphlet

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Fri Mar 15 09:25:53 PST 2002

I just read Alex's essay advocating Approval to the public.

I think it's about as good as possible for the number of words.

Also, I just read all of the pages of Hager's website (www.hager2002.org).
In my opinion they are very well written, too ... very hard to beat.  I
wonder if he didn't have some editorial advice from Steven Brams.

Of course, some of the quotes are from press conference Q&A.  I'm sure
that Brams wasn't there to help him on those.  Anyway, Hager is a clear
thinker/speaker/writer.  We should try to boost the number on the little
counter at the bottom of his website home page.

Hager points out that Ventura won because he had a very specific issue
that the voters were concerned about, and that plurality (in this case)
did its vote splitting damage against the Republicrats who offered nothing
of interest to the voters.  Hager intends to put this lesson to good use
in two ways: (1) as an educational example of plurality doing funny things
(2) by concentrating on a singlular solid issue (Approval voting) in his
own bid for secretary of state.

Count me in for $50.


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