[EM] $2002 in 2002

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Tue Mar 12 20:03:09 PST 2002

I'll pledge $100.

Alex Small wrote:
> Since proposing $2002 in 2002 I've received a pledge from Mike, and thumbs
> up responses from Forest, Joe, and Bart.  In the absence of any other
> nominees, and in the absence of any evidence that potential nominees will
> even exist, I call the question.  I know I said it might be good to wait a
> few months for primaries, but a few days ago Mike made a very good argument
> for acting now, since it would be a shame to see Hager lose the
> nomination.  I will only withdraw the question and propose waiting if
> somebody produces another candidate.
> So, I'm asking for pledges.  I've pledged $50, Mike has pledged $50, and I
> may yet up mine if we get closer to the goal.  Who else will pledge?  Even
> a pledge of $5 puts us closer to the goal, and the number of people
> pledging is important symbolically, just as the amount pledged is important
> financially.
> If you don't want to make your pledge known on the list, send me e-mail:
> asmall "at" physics.ucsb.edu (the web page hides addresses in the
> traditional format).
> If you know people who aren't on the list but may be interested ask them,
> and let me know if they pledge.  I would especially ask Mike if Russ
> Paielli, his collaborator at electionmethods.org, is interested.  I intend
> to ask a few of my friends to pledge.
> Alex

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