[EM] $2002 in 2002

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Tue Mar 12 17:34:01 PST 2002

I just heard from Paul Hager.  He indicates that his opponent for the
Libertarian nomination in Indiana is arguing that Approval is too difficult
to explain to voters.  Although Hager describes himself as the contender,
he acknowledges that his opponent is to be taken seriously.

I occasionally go to a search engine and type in "approval voting" with
various other terms.  I do this maybe once every other week or so.  I've
never seen the home page of another candidate pop up.  There may be other
candidates who are affable toward Approval Voting, but it appears that Paul
Hager is the only candidate in the US running on an Approval Voting
platform, and he is running for one of the few offices for which a single-
issue AV platform is appropriate and (potentially) electable.

Since proposing $2002 in 2002 I've received a pledge from Mike, and thumbs
up responses from Forest, Joe, and Bart.  In the absence of any other
nominees, and in the absence of any evidence that potential nominees will
even exist, I call the question.  I know I said it might be good to wait a
few months for primaries, but a few days ago Mike made a very good argument
for acting now, since it would be a shame to see Hager lose the
nomination.  I will only withdraw the question and propose waiting if
somebody produces another candidate.

So, I'm asking for pledges.  I've pledged $50, Mike has pledged $50, and I
may yet up mine if we get closer to the goal.  Who else will pledge?  Even
a pledge of $5 puts us closer to the goal, and the number of people
pledging is important symbolically, just as the amount pledged is important

If you don't want to make your pledge known on the list, send me e-mail:
asmall "at" physics.ucsb.edu (the web page hides addresses in the
traditional format).

If you know people who aren't on the list but may be interested ask them,
and let me know if they pledge.  I would especially ask Mike if Russ
Paielli, his collaborator at electionmethods.org, is interested.  I intend
to ask a few of my friends to pledge.


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