Re:[EM] Getting to know you...

Alex Small asmall at
Tue Mar 12 13:14:43 PST 2002

>I loved your pro-AV piece. I think it will work about as is - may I use
>with attribution?

Sure.  Anybody can use it, just let me know where (for my curiosity).

As I said before, I'm in LA every other Saturday (usually), so if in the
next couple months we discover other list members who want to meet in
Southern California I'm fine with it.

Also, I'm up for helping Mike get involved in the Alaska IRV initiative,
provided that the message sent is "IRV sounds like a nice idea, but AV does
a much better job."  I don't want to join a campaign whose theme is
only "IRV is bad" because I don't believe in arguing against a proposed
election reform without offering a better alternative.  Better to channel
the pro-reform momentum rather than simply kill it.  From what I've seen of
Mike's messages on this list I assume his intent is to channel that

If anybody knows of an Alaska candidate promoting Approval over IRV please
consider nominating him or her for $2002 in 2002.


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