[EM] Re: IRV wins big in SF and Vermont

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sat Mar 9 16:12:58 PST 2002

Alex Small wrote:
> Bart Ingles wrote:
> >I don't know how Hager will make out in the LP convention -- apparently
> >the Indiana LP doesn't participate in that state's primary elections.
> >Checking out the LP website, Indiana has two candidates for statewide
> >office -- both running for Sec State.
> I was not aware that Hager is facing competition for the nomination.  In
> that case I will withdraw my nomination of him until I know that he'll be
> on the ballot.  We should allow a few months for nominations anyway, to see
> who wins various state primaries.

I don't know -- all the more reason to support him.  I suppose there is
a fine line between interfering in the Indiana LP's nominations process,
and wanting to help underwrite the pro-Approval Voting message.  Perhaps
we can ask his campaign how much, if any, support would be appropriate
before the April convention.

At any rate, I can't see piling all my support on a single candidate,
especially when I'm not trying to gain influence (it would be hard to
ask Hagar to be more pro-AV).  I don't know of any other pro-AV
candidates at the moment, but if there turned out to be several, I would
probably increase my total to accomodate them.


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