Re: [EM] Re: IRV wins big in SF and Vermont

Alex Small asmall at
Sat Mar 9 13:24:51 PST 2002

Bart Ingles wrote:

>I don't know how Hager will make out in the LP convention -- apparently
>the Indiana LP doesn't participate in that state's primary elections.
>Checking out the LP website, Indiana has two candidates for statewide
>office -- both running for Sec State.

I was not aware that Hager is facing competition for the nomination.  In
that case I will withdraw my nomination of him until I know that he'll be
on the ballot.  We should allow a few months for nominations anyway, to see
who wins various state primaries.

Still, if you have a nomination for "$2002 in 2002" please send it to me
directly so I don't miss it (and send to the list if you wish, unless you
want it to be private).  Even if you don't have a nomination, if you are
potentially interested in joining once somebody is selected let me know.
My e-mail address is asmall at

>But I will say that he has Demorep's example beat:

That was a funny one!  I'm not sure if Indiana residents should be offended
when he had God beating Satan 60-40  Is it a complement that God is ahead
or an insult that Satan polls 40%?  ;)

>On item (4), rather than a white paper, how about a series of two or
>more pamphlets geared toward various audiences (third parties, county
>governments, and other interested organizations).

My idea goes beyond "Support Approval Voting."  I propose that they unite
around a single issue and throw down the gauntlet against the
Republicrats.  I can't help but think that a press conference with all of
the major third parties on stage would draw some press.  I'd love to see
them declare "We're coming for you, we know that 50% of the public won't
vote for either one of you, and we have a bold reform that will make you
face REAL competition."  Americans love David vs. Goliath.

I think a few pages would suffice to outline this for the third parties,
and if we could get a few endorsements it would be read by the right
people.  Most local office-holders are easy to contact, so if the Green on
your local School Board or the Libertarian on your local Water Commission
endorsed it the odds are that their party leaders would read it.

Alex Small

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