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Thu Mar 7 14:21:20 PST 2002

Someone should waste a ton of video tape and record all polling places.


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Josh Narins wrote:

>Is it just me, or does it sounds like everyone in Santa Barbara can vote
>First time normally, second time claiming that the first time was fraud.

Good point.  However, there would be a signature in the roster and a
signature on the provisional ballot.  Those would match.  I guess you could
disguise your handwriting, but you'd have to gamble that we won't
think "That person looks familiar" and put up a red flag when we contact
the elections office.

Also, an allegation of voter fraud would almost certainly trigger a police
investigation, since it's an allegation of a felony.  Similar signatures or
suspicious poll workers would make the police rather curious.

Anyway, point is, the system does have some (imperfect) mechanisms to
prevent double-voting.  I do think ID should be required, but I didn't
write the laws.  We do the best we can with the laws in place.  If you want
a defense of not requiring ID ask somebody else.

Alex Small

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