[EM] a few things

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Fri Mar 15 11:15:47 PST 2002

First, thanks for the favorable comments on the essay.  I give anybody on
this list carte blanche to send it (with attribution) to newspapers in
Alaska, or any other place with IRV initiatives.  Or, tell me what the
paper is and I'll send it, if they don't accept second-hand stuff.

Second, I'm glad to see the pledges continue to stream in.  However, one
lesson of fund-raising that I'm learning is maybe it's best not to set an
all-or-nothing goal.  Maybe once we reach a slightly more modest level we
should just send in the pleges collected thus far, but keep talking to
people we know in hopes of still eventually getting $2002 for Hager.  I'll
leave this open for commentary, since I understand if some people prefer
the original idea.

Alex Small

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