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Rob LeGrand honky1998 at
Thu Mar 7 13:41:49 PST 2002

Mike wrote:
> So Rob LG believes that Schulze's method is SSD?
> BeatpathWinner is equivalent to Cloneproof SSD.
> Cloneproof SSD is a modification of SSD. SSD never meant
> Cloneproof SSD. And Schulze's method isn't BeatpathWinner anyway.
> Markus made it clear that Schulze's method considers a tie to be
> a defeat. A tie can serve as a defeat in a "beatpath", which
> should, in Schulze's method, be called a "beat-or-tie path". That
> is why Schulze's method isn't the same as BeatpathWinner.

Yes, Schulze's Method is what I would call Schulze(wtv), as opposed to
Schulze(m) (what Blake called Path Voting) and Schulze(wv) (what Mike calls
BeatpathWinner).  I use the name Schulze to refer to this class of methods.  I
realize that SSD is not strictly equivalent to Cloneproof SSD, which is
equivalent to BeatpathWinner, but I associated SSD with Schulze since I didn't
consider the distiction important to make in the context of that post.

> And Rob LG says that PC is Simpson's method. Does that refer to
> the Simpson-Kramer method, as defined in the Winter '95
> _Journal of Economic Perspective_? That method is not the PC that
> I defined when I defined PC.

Similarly, I use Simpson to define a class of methods that are all equivalent
when there are no tied preferences.  Simpson(m) is what Blake calls Minmax and
Simpson(wv) is what Mike calls PC.  I mentioned these terms in that post
because it's the terminology that I use at my online voting calculator.  At you can find my informal
definitions of the methods used.  Please let me know if you find any errors on
that page.

Rob LeGrand
honky98 at

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