What are we all about?

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and it isn't as wrong as you would have us believe.

two stages elections where certain candidates are eliminated after the first
round based on the first round results are, in some important ways,
identical to mulitple stage elections like IRV or STV.

ok, maybe not similar enough for rigorous analysis.

but it was a problem of ideological similarity splitting the majority

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>> Someone wrote:
> > Hare/IRV tends to become erratic with more than seven
> > or so candidates in the race, particularly when
> > some of the candidates are ideologically similar.

Josh wrote:
> SEE: France

I don't know whether this is mis-information or dis-information.
Either way, it is wrong and completely irrelevant.

The "problem" with the French Presidential election system is that the votes
are not transferable.
Had the highly fractured Left been able to re-group around a preferred
candidate, there never would have been a news story.

It is a common mistake to think that France uses some system like IRV.  They
don't even use the Exhaustive Ballot properly as they
allow only the top two candidates from round one to go into round two.  With
the consequences we have all seen.

James Gilmour

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