[EM] What are we all about?

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Tue Jul 23 11:01:50 PDT 2002

One of the biggest advantages of the CVD over us is their organization and
name, which they can quote as authority anytime they want to advance IRV
in  a meeting, editorial, etc.

Somebody has to take the initiative to create an organization that
benefits from what we have learned and are learning on the election
methods list.

I hereby create an organization, provisionally called the EM Advisory
Council, and invite all list members who have spoken in favor of either
Approval or the Condorcet Criterion at least once on this list before this
day of 23 July 2002, to be equal charter members of the organization.

Initially, all decisions are to be made by approval, until the members
decide differently.

Since I have no more authority than any of the other above named charter
members, and I have very little time to devote to this, other members are
going to have to exercise some initiative to make this a viable


On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Douglas Greene wrote:

> I'm so grateful for this list.
> The fact that there are other electoral methods thinkers and
> activists out there besides the Greens and CVD was a blessing.  I
> thought I was a freak, a crank for thinking to myself, "IRV sure
> sounds interesting and better than plurality, but aren't there other
> methods too?  What about their merits and flaws?"
> But is that enough?  Is that all that there is, Alfie?
> I attended the LP National Convention in Indianapolis earlier this
> month.  Someone from the TX delegation told me that they thought Rob
> LeGrand was there, but that was errata.
> Paul Hager was there, and quoted in the local daily trashing the LP,
> now that he's a Republican.
> Well, let's see what position they're taking on election methods.  I
> introduced an amendment to the new language of the electoral
> platform plank to strike "IRV" and substitute "alternative single
> winner election methods."  Neutrality.  This was unacceptable to
> Bill Redpath, a long time VA activist and Platform Committee member
> who has been focused on IRV and PR for a long, long time.
> My amendement failed on a voice vote and we walked the CVD plank of
> IRV and PR by a narrow margin.
> They have a new book, media appearances and a highly probable
> victory in AK forthcoming next month.
> I fear we are in imminent danger of becoming the Locofocos of the
> electoral reform movement.
> Doug
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