Condorcet Criterion definitions (was Markus' Econometrica reference...)

Thu Jan 31 07:37:08 PST 2002

Mr. Cretney wrote in part-

Theory doesn't necessarily mean debatable.  My point was that we've 
expanded the issue under discussion.  The old theory only considered 
preference orders and methods based on them.  We need a new theory to 
talk about what's going on in people's heads, and how that is reflected 
in sincere ballot
D- Yet another different posting.  I must be living in the New Age of 
Politics (NAP).  

What next-- lie detectors for each voter to detect those naughty/ evil 
insincere votes ???

Even first choice votes (plus any later choice votes, of course) may be 
*insincere* if 1 or more of the choices is rotten in the mind of the voter.

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