[EM] Not logical electoral system?

Jurij Toplak jure.toplak at uni-mb.si
Wed Jan 30 07:19:24 PST 2002

Please someone help me with this problem. I am exploring local elections in
Croatia. I do not understand the provision of the electoral law. If anybody
understands it, please explain it to me. I think there is some mistake in it
or something.

Art. 23.

Members of the representative body are elected by proportional system with
party lists. The whole community is one electoral district.

"The number of representative body members, which will be elected from each
party list is determined in the way that total number of the valid votes,
received from a certain party list (voting mass of the list) is divided with
numbers from 1 to the number of the members, which are to be elected in the
district. Out of all the results of these computations, the last one is
"common divisor". Total number of the votes of each party list (voting mass
of the list) is then divided with this common divisor. As many times as
common divisor is included in the total number of the party list votes
(voting mass), that many seats the party list receives."

Art. 24.

Among the candidates on the party list, the candidates seated on the top of
the list are elected.

I dont get the Art. 23. Imagine that there are four parties. A - 600 votes,
B - 500, C - 400, D - 300. Imagine that 7 members have to be elected. What
next? I give the prize to the person who gives me the answer!


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