Consensus?: IRV vs. Primary w/Runoff

Tue Jan 29 22:13:19 PST 2002

barnes992001 at wrote-

Do we have a consensus that the instant runoff vote (IRV) is MATHEMATICALLY
better than the common two step plurality vote (primary) with a follow-up
runoff between the 2 top plurality vote getters? It seems to me that it cannot
be worse, given that manipulation is bad. As far as I can see, the only
mathematically provable difference between them is that IRV is less
manipulatable. They share the same faults, including non-monotonicity. With 3
candidates, I believe they are mathematically identical.
D-  How about 4 or more candidates ???

Plurality only looks at first choice votes.

IRV only looks at first choice votes plus transferred first choice votes 
(especially in single winner cases).

Which is a better consensus --- a train wreck or a plane wreck ???

Reality -- the 3 standard tables (at least) ---


Head to Head

Place Votes (for all places)

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