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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 16:43:13 PST 2002

Anthony said:

I was doing something worthwhile (reading an article on the
spread of sharia in Nigeria) when this arrived, and now I am
going to return to it.

I reply:

I must admit that I don't understand the point or purpose of Anthony's
recent postings, first, to comment on how he feels about whether
there was a point for me in replying to his recommended website, and
then to comment on the worthwhileness of answering him about that.

I don't know what sharia is, but, whether or not there's actually
a 3rd world disease by that name, I'm sorry for Anthony that he
thinks 3rd world disease is something to joke about.

But I suggest to Anthony that reading about the spread of sharia
in Nigeria would have been more worthwhile than sending either
of his 2 recent postings, which serve no worthwhile purpose. My
reply to the website was the only one of these messages that did
serve a purpose, and the only one of them that complied with EM's
topic charter. It needn't have been replied to unless Anthony actually
had something to say.

I take the subject of voting system reform seriously, but I don't
expect everyone else to. But it would be good if EM were monitored
so that the only messages that would post were messages that are
actually about voting system matters. For instance, then Anthony's
last 2 messages wouldn't have posted.

Mike Ossipoff

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