[EM] "Random Candidate" & "Random Dictatorship"

Steve Barney barnes992001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 13:11:52 PST 2002


Well, I guess you are referring to tie brieaking situations. It is interesting
to note that the Borda Count method yeilds the fewer ties of any other pairwise
or positional (weighed) voting method, so that it would be the least random in
the sense that it requires tie breaking the least.

Steve Barney

--- In election-methods-list at y..., Markus Schulze <markus.schulze at a...> wrote:
> Dear Steve,
> you wrote (16 Jan 2002):
> > I'd call that a lottery, not an election.
> Of course, there is rather a continuous than an abrupt change
> from pure elections to pure lotteries. (For example: Lucien
> Saumur promotes Smith//RandomCandidate.) Actually, every method
> that meets Neutrality and Anonymity knows situations where the
> winner has to be chosen by a lottery.
> Markus Schulze

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